“The Pedestrian” Trailer

Hello Friends!

I’m excited to present a trailer I recently completed as a sample for Skookum Arts for their game “The Pedestrian”!   While I didn’t get the bid to do the audio for the full game, I wish them the absolute best, as they were great to work with.   It looks to be an incredibly  unique game, and I hope it does really, really well :).

This was a fun excursion into the world of jazz and platformers, with full audio replacement of sound FX and original music, so I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for watching!


Special thanks to the following members from freesound.org for Sound FX used in this video: Seansecret, amszala, lolamadeus, MrAuralization, schafferdavid, jeseid77, swuing, carrigsound, qubodup, suntemple, CommanderRob, cmusounddesig, Marregheriti, zimbot, csproductions, bennstir, MetroSoundBCN, BMacZero, EverHeat, duckduckpony, sethlind, uEffects, nextmaking, DrMinky, Macif, Glaneur de sons, CGEffex, jasonLON, Q.K.