“Best Sound Design” Winner at 2014 ODGE Audio Replacement Competition – Full Video

This track from Zac James Creative won “Best Sound Design” for the 2014 Ohio Game Developer Expo Audio Replacement Competition, featuring the introduction from Multivarious Games’ “Hatch-It!”

“Hatch-It!” is a charming and whimsical puzzle game where you must work fast, smart, and creatively as a giant asteroid threatens to forever change the world of the dinosaurs.

With prehistoric island backdrops and diverse environments, Dr. Tyrannosaurus, Ph.D, creates a trusty (but rickety) robot companion to find, hatch, and rescue as many dinosaurs as possible. It all depends on you to navigate the danger and overcome numerous challenges as dinosaurs with unique personalities and abilities stand in your way. “Hatch-It!” offers an immersive experience in vibrantly colored landscapes with puzzles based on critical thinking skills while new, thematically-linked elements will be introduced through the different worlds, keeping game play fresh and engaging.

Can you save all of the dinosaurs from impending doom? Can you send yourself back to your time before you yourself are doomed? The dinos are waiting, can you Hatch It?

Greenlight “Hatch-It” on Steam: steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fil…/?id­=307410007

Special thanks to Kaitie James for the”Hatch-it!” Voiceover, SoundBible.com sound FX authors KevanGC, Marianne Gagnon, Mike Koenig, Mark DiAngelo, battlestar10 and FreeSound.org sound FX authors gerardcatala, reinsamba, simpsi, thehorriblejoke, natenaterson, AlaskaRobotics.

Zac James is an award-winning composer and sound designer for apps, video games, films, trailers and other media . To get a quote on custom or licensed music/sound design, visit Zac’s Soundcloud or contact Zac