“The Pedestrian” Trailer

Hello Friends!

I’m excited to present a trailer I recently completed as a sample for Skookum Arts for their game “The Pedestrian”!   While I didn’t get the bid to do the audio for the full game, I wish them the absolute best, as they were great to work with.   It looks to be an incredibly  unique game, and I hope it does really, really well :).

This was a fun excursion into the world of jazz and platformers, with full audio replacement of sound FX and original music, so I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for watching!


Special thanks to the following members from freesound.org for Sound FX used in this video: Seansecret, amszala, lolamadeus, MrAuralization, schafferdavid, jeseid77, swuing, carrigsound, qubodup, suntemple, CommanderRob, cmusounddesig, Marregheriti, zimbot, csproductions, bennstir, MetroSoundBCN, BMacZero, EverHeat, duckduckpony, sethlind, uEffects, nextmaking, DrMinky, Macif, Glaneur de sons, CGEffex, jasonLON, Q.K.

Odd Occurrences of the Way Soundtrack – OGDE 2015

Hello Friends,

I’m excited to present the soundtrack ZJC composed for Odd Occurrences of the Way, a game by Upways Games!   We presented the game at the Ohio Game Developer Expo 2015 this year to a great reception.

Here are the tracks that were included in the demo on the show floor:

Coming soon, I’ll post a game trailer with original jazz music and replacement sound FX!

Thanks for listening!


ZJC Will Present With Upways Games at 2015 OGD Expo!


This weekend, Zac James Creative will be presenting at the 2015 Ohio Game Developer Expo with Upways Games for the title “Odd Occurrences of the Way”.  ZJC is providing music and sound FX/design for the game, including the demo Upways Games will be presenting.

ZJC will also be presenting the “Tail Tap” soundtrack (iOS/Android) during the Audio Derby on Sunday morning!

If you’re coming to the Ohio Game Developer Expo this year,  come to the booth, play the demo and introduce yourself!

Hope to see you there!


Announcing “Tail Tap” – Original Soundtrack for New iOS/Android Game

Hey Friends,

It’s been a quiet year of news for Zac James Creative (ZJC), but there’s been a lot of work behind the scenes that I haven’t been able to share yet.   However, that ends today!  I’m stoked to be able to reveal one of the projects I’ve been working on!  I’m excited to announce the release of “Tail Tap”, a challenging new free to play Breakout-style mobile game for iOS & Android!

For this project, I worked in partnership with Long Drop Games & A Staircase Above Studios to provide an original soundtrack featuring 7 orchestral track loops and 1 sound FX/stinger.  You can listen to the full soundtrack on the ZJC Soundcloud here:

The game is totally free and supported by ads, so check it out and leave reviews for us on the App Store & Google Play!  You can download the app here:

iOS – itunes.apple.com/us/app/tail-tap/id997567741?mt=8
Android – Click here, then search for “Tail Tap”.

Coming up soon, I’ll be able to share more details about another project I’ve been working on, as well as some more new music.

Thanks for listening!


Merry Christmas!

Hey Friends,

Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!   Thank you so much for listening and supporting Zac James Creative music.

In the spirit of the Christmas season, here’s a free song!  I just finished working with Wendy James & Living Rock Family Outreach on this free Christmas medley “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear/O  Holy Night”.  You can get it for free on Noisetrade, or you can listen to it below:

I pray you have a blessed Christmas season!

– Zac

“Glimpses of Sunlight” in CedarvilleGO Testimonial Video (Haiti)

Zac’s music has been featured in several videos of Cedarville University’s CedarvilleGO Mission Trip video series!  Click below to watch this video about CU’s Haiti Mission Trip featuring “Glimpses of Sunlight”:

Zac James is an award-winning composer and sound designer for apps, video games, films, trailers and other media . To get a quote on custom or licensed music/sound design, visit Zac’s Soundcloud or contact Zac

“Best Sound Design” Winner at 2014 ODGE Audio Replacement Competition – Full Video

This track from Zac James Creative won “Best Sound Design” for the 2014 Ohio Game Developer Expo Audio Replacement Competition, featuring the introduction from Multivarious Games’ “Hatch-It!”

“Hatch-It!” is a charming and whimsical puzzle game where you must work fast, smart, and creatively as a giant asteroid threatens to forever change the world of the dinosaurs.

With prehistoric island backdrops and diverse environments, Dr. Tyrannosaurus, Ph.D, creates a trusty (but rickety) robot companion to find, hatch, and rescue as many dinosaurs as possible. It all depends on you to navigate the danger and overcome numerous challenges as dinosaurs with unique personalities and abilities stand in your way. “Hatch-It!” offers an immersive experience in vibrantly colored landscapes with puzzles based on critical thinking skills while new, thematically-linked elements will be introduced through the different worlds, keeping game play fresh and engaging.

Can you save all of the dinosaurs from impending doom? Can you send yourself back to your time before you yourself are doomed? The dinos are waiting, can you Hatch It?

Greenlight “Hatch-It” on Steam: steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fil…/?id­=307410007

Special thanks to Kaitie James for the”Hatch-it!” Voiceover, SoundBible.com sound FX authors KevanGC, Marianne Gagnon, Mike Koenig, Mark DiAngelo, battlestar10 and FreeSound.org sound FX authors gerardcatala, reinsamba, simpsi, thehorriblejoke, natenaterson, AlaskaRobotics.

Zac James is an award-winning composer and sound designer for apps, video games, films, trailers and other media . To get a quote on custom or licensed music/sound design, visit Zac’s Soundcloud or contact Zac

“Best Sound Design” Winner at 2014 Ohio Game Developer Expo!


I’m excited to announce that I won “Best Sound Design” for the Audio Replacement Competition at the 2014 Ohio Game Developer Expo!   There were many great entries from great composers & sound designers, so I feel very blessed.

I will post the winning video when I am able!

Zac James composes and licenses music for apps, video games, films, trailers and other media . To get a quote on scores, soundtracks or licensing existing compositions, visit Zac’s Soundcloud or contact Zac

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